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“The house of hair” è frutto dell’entusiasmo, della passione e dell’ esperienza trentennale di Fabio Colucci.

Fabio si avvale della collaborazione di un team professionale di stampo anglosassone, di elevata formazione e costantemente aggiornato sulle nuove tendenze internazionali dell’hairstyling.

Insieme accolgono la propria clientela internazionale in un salone con le caratteristiche tipiche di una casa accogliente, divertente, intrisa di arte e cultura, caratteristiche essenziali per esprimere la creatività dell’intero staff. 

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La relazione umana è il cuore del nostro lavoro. Client First questo il nostro vero trend. 

L’accoglienza, il calore, l’eleganza e la creatività al servizio dei nostri ospiti, queste le caratteristiche essenziali di I Love my Home.

Un progetto, un salone, una casa in cui realizzare i vostri desideri grazie alla sinergia tra la nostra professionalità e la vostra disponibilità. 

Fabio Colucci


Nicoletta Tosi

Art Director

Solida e determinata, infaticabile, Nicoletta nel corso degli anni è diventata leggenda a Firenze.
Dotata di una mente eccezionalmente creativa e di un’attitudine perfezionista che vanno ben oltre la media.
Farà parte del Team Creativo dell’Accademia diretta da Fabio Colucci, unendosi agli altri membri del team che riconoscono la sua notevole carriera.

Maria Scozzari

Colour Technician

Giovane, energica, creativa, ha una carriera assicurata nel settore dell’hairstyling.
La sua visione per il colore e lo stile è così nitida che i clienti più esigenti, in salone, chiedono sempre di lei.
Formata dai migliori professionisti dell’Accademia a Salerno di cui Fabio Colucci è stato uno dei soci fondatori, Maria è preziosa sia all’interno del salone di Firenze, sia come membro del team creativo dell’Accademia.

Sara Russo


“Il buongiorno si vede dal mattino” 

Professionale, di larghe vedute e con una forte dedizione al lavoro. La nostra receptionist organizza alla perfezione le giornate lavorative così da rendere piacevole la permanenza in salone.

Independent Artists

Extended family

Paola Barattini

Starting her career at Toni & Guy London, Paola worked her way up to become a technical director in only four years. After many outstanding rewards & UK fulfillment, she decided to leave the capital after a valuable 7,5 year run.

She joined the Tigi Italia creative Team as director of technical education, traveling Europe, Asia & the US for seminars & shows. 

A L’Oreal & Wella specialist, Paola dedicated her knowledge to education, product research & development. She joined the Bh International creative team in Salerno and worked alongside Fabio ever since they teamed up at Tigi Italia. They share a strong bond of friendship & creative mindset.

She lives & works in Bologna. 

Ezio Diaferia

Born & raised in Puglia, Ezio found his passion for hairdressing at only 14. A rare talent, and eager to further his career, he joined the Florence team at age 17 to later become a high-profile session hairdresser. With a strong vision for style & beauty Ezio worked along side Fabio for many years, directing seminars & shows for Tigi Italia. Throughout his later career he joined Eugene Souleiman’s creative team, with whom he worked on all major shows in the four fashion capitals of the world; NY, London, Milan & Paris. His drive, creative genius & down to earth character brought him to where he is today, highly ranked among the world’s leading session workers.  

Ezio is currently working with Close up Milano & living in New York City.


Claudio Orazi

Lively, creative & a true Roman, Claudio is the one person a salon always needs.

Theatrical & with his own personal style he is a determined and solid salon worker who always kept the spirits of the Florence team high. Passionate & dedicated in everything he does, Claudio has been in the hairdressing industry his whole life, working in acknowledged, high-end salons all over Italy. He joined Fabio’s creative Tigi Italia team in Salerno right at the start to 6 years later open his own salon in Liguria.

A loyal friend & influential worker, Claudio now lives & works in Chiavari.

Richy Kandasamy

The distinctive background of expert educator and color visionaire Richy Kandasamy, is born from extensive training and a global point of view. A native of the tropical Seychelles islands, Kandasamy is inspired by exotic color palettes and universal hair textures. In a journey that spans the globe and the course of 20-plus years, Kandasamy has acquired a disciplined mastery of color technique, trend forecasting, product development, and education implementation. 

As the first technical creative director for TIGI Italy, followed by the UK and ultimately America, Kandasamy has colored the globe and headlined shows from Taipei to Copenhagen, Argentina, Las Vegas and beyond.

Kandasamy’s mission is to simplify the message and deliver pure, authentic and innovative brands, education and inspiration relevant to all beauty professionals and global cultures.

Marco Fidato

Marco started his hairdressing career at only 15.

Young, creative & with a strong vision for beauty & design, he attended some of the best Academies in Europe where he mastered the Anglo-Saxon techniques & approach of haircutting. He worked in London & Australia to later open his own salon in the south of Italy. Full of energy & new ideas he specialized in the exciting world of men’s hair. Marco has always followed his mentor & life coach, Fabio Colucci with whom he shares a strong bond & vision. 

He lives works & lives in Naples.

Marco Gamba

Marco comes from a Toni & Guy background, a journey that lasted 12-years, in which he worked his way up from being an assistant at the Milano salon to becoming one of the Art Directors at the Tigi Academy in Salerno & later in London. A familiar face to most, Marco is a solid salon worker who dedicated his entire career to teaching and performing in seminars & shows around the world. The last few years he free-lanced as a session hairdresser collaborating with various agencies, primarily working for fashion magazines and shows in the four fashion capitals of the world. He teamed up & worked with some of the most important brands in the industry. 

He now works & lives in Ibiza.

Michele Gargano

Creative, lively & with true Italian charm, Michele has been around in the hairdressing industry for many years. Born & bread in Naples he undoubtedly has the city’s dynamics which makes for a positive & vibrant asset. His aspiration to explore & work all over the world, made Michele who he is today; well travelled, with a broad, international vision, which he adopts into his daily work, creating new styles & ideas.

After a long hairdressing career in Italy, Michele settled in Vienna where he is now the owner of a successful concept style hair salon. 

Giovanni di Stefano

Artistic & creative Giovanni has been in the hairdressing industry for most of his life.

Born & raised in Naples he is a mix of Italian & Parisian charm. With a sharp eye for avant-garde hairstyles & a nose for the new, he stands out from many hairdressers. After a long career with Toni & Guy in Europe & the US, he still works as a session hairdresser from time to time. However, he found his passion for photography a few years ago and has been mixing both professions to his creative benefit.
He recently shot Fabio’s first Collection “Details” under the art direction of Adam Bryant. He works & lives with his wife & 2 young children in Paris.

Adam Bryant

Born & raised in London, Adam is a well-known name in the hairdressing industry. With a sound career that started at Toni & Guy, Adam dates back to the epic years where English hairdressing became notable for its bold, inspiring & outrageously creative culture & approach of doing hair.
Working with & for the best Adam became what he is today, energetic, creative & with a strong vision for style & beauty. During his 17 years as a session hairdresser, Adam became increasingly fascinated by the production and creative process of image making. He now successfully combines his art directing with his demanding hairdressing career. Adam recently worked with Fabio, directing the “Details” Collection.

Adam works & lives in Manchester. 

Claudio Cascone

Claudio found his passion for the making of video’s & film, when he rolled into creating moving images for the creative team during his years at Tigi Italia.

One video led to another & within a short period of time Claudio also mastered the art of video editing. Hard working & innovative, he has an eye for beauty & an ear for music, an important asset in the world of hairdressing & fashion.

For the past years he has worked as a free-lance video maker for numerous noted companies and is now living & working in Florence.

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